Professional Gun Safe Delivery and Installation

Our professional delivery and installation experts have been specially trained to deliver, move, and install your safe where you want it.

We Don’t Drop it on the Curb and Leave

Gun safes are big, heavy, and hard to move. At Northwest Safe Bozeman, we pride ourselves on specializing in home delivery and installation. Buying a safe here isn’t like buying a Costco gun safe or a tractor supply gun safe. We’re not going to drop it on the curb and leave (unless of course, that’s what you want).

  • Our full-service delivery and installation program includes:
  • Delivering your safe
  • Moving your safe into your home or garage
  • Leveling your safe
  • Bolting your safe to the ground

Gun Safe Delivery & Installation FAQ

Can My Gun Safe Be Installed in the Garage?

Popular wisdom says, gun safes should not be installed in the garage. And while popular wisdom is often right, rules are also meant to be broken. It is entirely possible to properly install a gun safe in a garage. However, we do recommend taking a few precautions. These include:

  • Leveling the safe for proper door swing
  • Ensuring there is an air gap beneath your safe to prevent it from trapping moisture
  • Utilizing a dehumidifier (and preferably a backup dehumidifier) in your safe to eliminate moisture

Can You Move a Safe I Already Own?

Yes. Our delivery and installation team is also equipped to help you move your safe to a new home.

As a family-owned and operated business, we know that a gun safe is an investment in future generations. And, we’re here to help you relocate your safe to your family’s new home.

Installing a Gun Safe

Top Selection of Gun Safes for Sale in Montana

Our Bozeman-based business carries a wide selection of in-stock and ready-to-deliver gun safes. From smaller introductory safes to large high-end gun safes, we can help you find the perfect closet space, garage safe or new office safe.

Looking for something specific we don’t have in the warehouse? We have direct access to our sister stores in Enumclaw, Washington and Spokane Valley, Washington — giving you the flexibility to expand your options without waiting eight (or more) weeks.

Where to Buy the Best Liberty Gun Safes in Montana

Liberty gun safes have long been regarded as the premier consumer-grade gun safe. Made in America, Liberty safes are built using rolled-form construction and robotic welding. These techniques reduce the number of pry points and increase the overall strength of the safe.

Furthermore, fire ratings are not regulated in the gun safe industry. Manufacturers can claim and fire rating they want, without any proof. Liberty is completely transparent with their testing, providing video proof and detailed reports as to the methods and outcomes of all fire tests and pry tests. The result is a rating you can depend on.