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Do You Need to Buy a Gun Safe?

The right to bear arms is as engrained in the Montana way of life as our streams and mountains are in this beautiful slice of America. But all those Big Boy Toys — AR-15s, shotguns, Glock 17s, Nosler 21, etc. — need a safe and secure home.

Protect Your Property. Keep Your Family Safe.

Not only do gun safes protect your valuables from being stolen, they help ensure your firearms never end up in the hands of a curious child. That’s why we believe a gun safe isn’t just a pretty storage box. A gun safe is an investment in your future.

This is why gun safe manufacturers, like Liberty Gun Safe, have developed various secure storage solutions. These include: large gun safes, hidden wall safes, quick access shotgun SoloVaults, truck console vaults, WiFi-enabled gun safes, AR ShotLock SoloVaults, and more.

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Highly Trained Gun Safe Delivery & Installation in Montana

Plenty of big box stores and dealers offer a price break for curbside delivery or warehouse pickup. We get it. Saving a few bucks can be a big deal. But what’s also a big deal is trying to move a 1,000+ pound safe when you don’t have the expertise or proper equipment.

So if you want to try and install your new gun safe on your own, we’re not going to stop you. But we’ll also show up and help you install it once you discover what a beast it really is.

Your Trusted Montana Safe & Vault Store

Our family started putting down roots in Bozeman, Montana, before the internet became mainstream and the North 19th Avenue Interchange was built. We’re good old folks. We believe in helping others, doing the right thing, and treating everyone like family.

From your first gun safe to your latest vault room, we offer professional service and expertise you can depend on.

Learn more about why we opened our Bozeman shop, our passions, and our family.

High-Security Commercial and Business Safes

Generally speaking, businesses need a higher level of security than a homeowner. Not only does a business owner access their safe more frequently than the typical homeowner, but businesses also tend to store different types of valuables. Depending on the company, the safe may need to hold hard drives with sensitive information; large sums of cash; valuables, such as precious metals or jewelry; prescription drugs; or sensitive documents.

Traditionally, commercial safes are built from heavy-duty steel; high-density, high-strength ceramic, and high-strength concrete. The combination of these three elements makes commercial safes extremely difficult to cut into or pry open. It also makes them extremely fire resistant.

Fire-Resistant Gun Safes

There is NO SUCH THING AS A FIREPROOF SAFE. Let’s repeat that — fireproof safes do not exist. If someone tells you otherwise, they’re lying — plain and simple. There is no safe that can withstand untold temperatures indefinitely.

That being said, not all safes are built equally. Some are designed to withstand burning temperatures for longer periods of time than others. As with all things in life, you get what you pay for. This is why we strongly encourage you to review the fire rating and take stock of how the safe was tested.

Quick Access Gun Safes

When someone’s breaking into your home, it’s unlikely they’ll wait while you open your gun safe to get your personal defense weapon. A quick access gun safe allows you to quickly and efficiently defend your family and your home. Our large selection of quick access safes can be discreetly mounted or installed nearly anywhere within your home.