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Color: Granite Textured with Black Chrome Hardware
Lock Type: Dial
$1,529.10 $2,373


Fire Rating: 

75 Min.

Long Gun Storage: 




Exterior Dimensions (H x W x D):

60" x 24" x 21" 


Minimum Doorway Clearance Required:



Body Steel Thickness:


Number of Locking Bars:


Locking Bar Thickness:


The Safe Guard Series is set apart from its competitors by offering more steel in the body, door and mechanism than any other competitor at similar pricing. The Safe Gaurd features a 12 gauge steel body with a reinforced door edge that is over ⅜” thick. Unlike most safes in this price category the Safe Guard is not a Chinese Import Safe. It’s steel body is sourced from American Made Steel and then the safe is assembled in Mexico. This helps offer a quality safe at a lower price point while retaining more American Jobs than outsourcing to China for production.

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