Super Platinum TRTL-60x6

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Model: SPL262316
$21,795 $32,861


Body & Door: Multi-layered structure that combines outer and inner steel plates, reinforced steel bars and a monolithic casting of Alchronite, ISM's special torch and drill resistant composite material, embedding a layer of ISM's patented anti-penetration alloy grid.

Bolts & Locking Mechanisms: Three-way active boltwork. Double-action locking mechanism. Glass plate relocking protection on all locks.

Locks: Two UL approved locks. Mechanical or digital combination lock and a high security key lock.

Interior Fitting: Adjustable removable shelves. A hole for an alarm system connection - optional.

 Model Inside Dimensions Outside Dimensions Cu. Ft.
SPL262316 26"x23"x16" 35"x32"x30" 5.5 2200
SPL352416 35"x24"x16" 44"x33"x30" 7.8 2750
SPL552616 55"x26"x16" 64"x35"x30" 13.2 3950
SPL652916 65"x29"x16" 74"x38"x30" 17.5 4700
SPL673623 67"x36"x23" 76"x45"x37" 32.1 6150



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