Liberty Centurion 32



Fire Rating: 

40 Minutes

Long Gun Storage: 



411 lbs.

Exterior Dimensions (HxWxD):

59.5" x 28.25" x 24.5"

Interior Dimensions (HxWxD):

56" x 26.25" x 18"

Minimum Doorway Clearance Required: 



  • 3-Spoke Handle with Chrome Hardware
  • TopLit SecuRam backlit electronic lock
  • Factory-installed economy door storage panel


Body Steel Thickness: 


Number of Locking Bars: 


Locking Bar Width: 


Locking Bar Thickness: 



Are you ready for the ultimate entry level safe? The Centurion 32 Deluxe carries the same 40-minutes of fire protection and level 1 security as the Centurion 24 Deluxe, but in a higher capacity package. The box is a full four inches deeper so you can store more long guns and other valuables. This safe comes standard with a chrome three spoke handle, a SecuRam TopLit electronic lock, and a versatile, factory-installed interior door panel. The Centurion 32 Deluxe features entry level protection, increased fire resistance, and is the highest capacity Centurion we make.

Lock Options:

Dial Lock

A mechanical dial lock doesn't require batteries or electricity, making it a reliable option in case of power outages or other emergencies.



An electronic lock provides convenience and ease of use with quick access codes, or other advanced security features.



A biometric lock provides a high level of security that is difficult to replicate. The unique biometric identifier eliminates the possibility of someone guessing a combination and provides quick and easy access for authorized users.


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