Liberty Glow-Flex Lights

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Illuminate your home or gun safe effortlessly with Liberty Safe's Glowflex lighting kit—a versatile solution designed to provide optimal visibility in any environment. Featuring 142 LED lights arranged on a flexible 15-foot lighting strip, this safe light kit ensures ample illumination for your belongings.

Equipped with an auto-on/off motion sensor, the Glowflex lighting kit activates when motion is detected, ensuring convenient usage and energy efficiency. Whether you're accessing your safe in a dimly lit room or during nighttime hours, this lighting kit ensures that your valuables are always within reach.

With three installation methods to choose from and a dual power option, the Glowflex lighting kit offers unparalleled flexibility to suit your needs. Whether you prefer adhesive mounting, magnetic attachment, or screw-in installation, this kit adapts seamlessly to your preferred setup. Additionally, the dual power option allows you to power the lights via either batteries or an AC adapter, providing added convenience and versatility.

Enhance the functionality and security of your safe with Liberty Safe's Glowflex lighting kit—an essential addition for illuminating your valuables with ease and precision. Experience peace of mind knowing that your belongings are always visible and accessible, even in low-light conditions.

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