Master 30

Save $1,199

Finish: Textured
Color: Granite Texture with Black Chrome Hardware
Lock Type: Dial
$4,199 $5,398


Fire Rating:

90 Minutes

Long Gun Storage:




Exterior Dimentions:

66.5" x 30" x 24"

Interior Dimentions:

62.5" x 25.5" x 18.5"

Minimum Doorway Clearance Required:



  • 3-Spoke Handle
  • S&G Dial
  • Factory-installed economy door storage panel

Body Steel Thickness:


Number of Locking Bars:


Locking Bar Diameter:


The Master Series is Superior’s best-selling safe.  This masterpiece has it all–the right combination of security, fire protection, style and enduring value.
The Master’s first line of defense is its body and door construction. Its 10-gauge steel body, with Double-Steel Door Casement, is almost 6 times stronger than the lightweight 14-gauge box store safes. The body is pressure formed with a 5/8″ corner radius bend, increasing strength and providing distinctive styling.
Its Double-Step door 3/16″ outer steel plus a 12-gauge inner steel plate. The door edge is increased to 3/4″ using multi-layer reinforcements. The door is approximately 38 times stronger than the lightweight China-built containers.

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