Safe Cloak

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Size: 6024
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    The Safe Cloak by American Security is designed to work with any kind of home safe, gun safe or office safe. The Safe Cloak quickly attaches to your gun safe to instantly disguise it as a wood cabinet. Safe Cloak is held on with high strength magnets and a weighted bottom to hold the cloak in place. Thermal transfer 4 color wood cabinet printing is so good it will fool not only pedestrians but guests walking by the safe.

    • 6024 Safe Cloak - 58.75” H x 25” W
    • 6030/6032 Safe Cloak - 58.75” H x 31” W
    • 6636 Safe Cloak - 64.75” H x 37” W
    • 7240 Safe Cloak - 70.75” H x 41” W
        50 Size: 72" x 42.5" x 29"

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