Steelhead Homestead Vault Door IN-Swing 8032

Style: LH Hinge



Our vault doors come with a full 7 gauge construction (3/16″) and feature 1 inch of ceramic blanket fire insulation, along with our signature reflective coated metal liner. The doors are also set up to be anchored into the concrete during installation to provide redundant security when combined with the clamshell design, allowing your home safe to remain secure at all times.

Our vault doors all feature a panic room lock and an emergency release, both accessible without any tools and without removing any access panels. The emergency release completely disconnects the outside handle from the entire lock mechanism, allowing the door to be completely locked or unlocked from the inside. The panic room lock allows your room to be a fully functioning safe room or storm shelter.

Rough Opening Requirements

82.5" H x 34" W x 8"D

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