Versatile Handgun Rack (Colors)

Color: Cool Gray
Slots: 4


Versatile Rack Company has been the industry leader in American-made handgun storage solutions for over two decades and their best-selling, heavy-gauge steel frame gun racks have been upgraded for 2019.

The first of their kind in the industry, these racks have maintained a reputation of unbeatable quality and construction since 1996 and now, in 2019, they feature a brand new, high-performance polymer alloy coating which is available in 12 vibrant colors!

Versatile Handgun Racks are newly finished in the exact material which coats college and professional football facemasks—It is FDA compliant, food-safe, and there is no better coating on the market to protect and preserve the finish on your handguns and pistols.

Whether you’re looking to equip your gun safe with racks in hues which complement the safe’s interior and exterior finish, you want to outfit your display cases with racks that match your store’s brand image, or you simply want to represent your favorite sports team’s colors—Versatile Rack Company has you covered!

Maximize the space in your gun safe with a Versatile Handgun Rack. Get those guns off the carpet and make room for other valuables. How much room can they save?  Well, the rack that holds four guns has approximately the same footprint as one handgun laying flat. That’s putting four guns in the space of one!

Not only do Versatile Handgun Racks maximize your storage space, they protect & preserve the finish of your handguns.  Versatile Handgun Racks are made from a heavy gauge welded steel wire frame and high-performance polymer alloy coated for years of dependable use.

Versatile Handgun Racks can also be used at the shooting range, at home while cleaning your guns, or for retail use in display cases.

The Versatile Handgun Rack Stacking Kit allows this product to be stacked on top of another making it possible to utilize previously unused airspace in addition to the remarkable amount of shelf space already saved by the Versatile Handgun Rack in itself.

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